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Jon Mandeville
Ancient Healing Art

Traditional Thai Therapy (often referred to as "Thai Massage" or "Thai Yoga Massage") integrates breath awareness with ancient techniques of reflexology, acupressure and gentle yoga stretching -
the combination of which relieves tension and relaxes the body and mind.

These ancient techniques are applied to the ten major Thai "sen" lines (see also meridians) -
which serve as the theoretical foundation for the practice. Instead of rubbing on muscles, the body receives intentional compression (i.e. palming) along the Thai sen lines and is then gently stretched.

Traditional Thai massage traces its roots to the medical practices and teachings of Jivaka Komarbhaccha - an Ayurvedic physician who lived in the Bihar Province of northern India during
the 4th century BC.

From that time forward, Doctor Jivaka's medical knowledge was passed down orally from teacher to student and from family member to family member - thus preserving the practice for future generations.

As Jivaka's reputation for being a gifted healer and medical practitioner spread across Southeast Asia to Thailand, his shared knowledge and teachings became a distinct branch of traditional Thai medicine.

The above photograph shows the pavillion at Wat Pho in Bangkok where the historic epigraphs depicting the theoretical framework for this ancient practice are displayed.

A traditional Thai session lasts two hours in duration - providing lasting benefits to the overall health and well-being of the receiver.

Clients wear comfortable clothing while receiving on a traditional floor mat during the session.


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