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Student Testimonials

"Matthew is a gracious and humble teacher who engages all of his students with reverence and equanimity. He creates a safe yet fun learning environment, where questions are honored and discussed openly. After recently taking his "Taste of Thai" workshop, I have already begun saving up to take his Thai Foundations course."

-Julia, Registered Yoga Teacher

"When I started my journey into bodywork, Matthew's Thai Foundations class was my very first bodywork experience in a structured environment, and his knowledge, passion and personality have affected my approach to this field ever since. Matthew brings genuine experience to this unique modality; he is quick to share not only his knowledge but also the process that he himself went through to obtain this knowledge.

His studies in Thailand have clearly imparted a certain 'spirituality' on him that I believe is vital to passing on both the 'spirit' and the techniques of any Eastern modality. I would highly recommend his courses and workshops to anyone interested in learning this ancient healing art."

- James, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Thai Foundations is an amazing class. Matthew not only shares his amazing gift for teaching this ancient healing art, but he leads you briefly on a journey of self-discovery. His knowledge, patience, humor, and humanity leaves you filled with grace and humility.
I am so grateful to have been a part of this class."

-Krista, Hospice Care Nurse

"I very much appreciated the workshop with you and learnt, or rather reinforced some simple but very important lessons (again) that I'm putting a little bit more into practice, especially when teaching myself, not least for the "giver" to be comfortable and to take very good care of himself or herself. You taught with a lovely blend of strength, gentleness and fun, indeed, it was metta in action."

-Vajracaksu, Meditation Teacher

"Ogretmenlerim icinde nadide yetenegi ve derin ustaligiyla ayri bir yer kazanan Matthew Mandeville'in Istanbul'da gerceklestirdigi "Taste of Thai" calismasina katilmak yasamimda derin degisim yaratan sureclerden biri. Thai Masajin sefkatli sevgiyi arttirmak icin en etkili tekniklerden oldugunu anlamami, Matthew'un "mettanin fiziksel uygulamasi" olarak betimleyisi ve uygulayisi sagladi. Ogretirken kelimelere cogu zaman hic ihtiyac duymayan sezgisel bir iletisime sahip olusuyla Matthew ender rastlanir bir verme ve ogretme gucuyle donanmis. Boyle dogal, incelikli ve derin bir ustayla karsilasmak, ondan ogrenmek buyuk bir onur."

-Uma, Yoga Egitmeni, Reiki Master - İstanbul, Türkiye

"Matthew's authentic approach to teaching this traditional healing art has overflowed into every facet of my life. As a bodyworker and a yoga teacher, I continually draw on the wisdom he has passed on to me. After just a few days of receiving Matthew's instruction, my tablework was transformed. My previous teachers in massage school corrected my body mechanics on specific movements, but Matthew's approach has given me a comprehensive foundation for good body mechanics.

Before studying with Matthew, I had been giving bodywork in a way that made my body tired and sore, and now I am more equipped to take better care of myself when I am giving. The way Matthew teaches always feels authentic and connected to a place that allows compassion and spontaneity to flow. I am always inspired, restored and deeply grateful after learning from him."

- Brett, Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist

"I wish that I had discovered traditional Thai therapy at the beginning of my career. Matthew is an excellent practitioner and a sincere teacher. I think anyone would benefit from spending some time receiving instruction from him. I, for one, would really like to see
more well-trained Thai therapists out there!"

- Ellen, Small-business Owner

"I came prepared to take a continuing education class after having had several great teachers in the past, but in Matthew's class, I was not only taught by a great teacher; I was taught by a master. He taught me how to love myself, how to give with passion, and how to see into the hearts of others. As a massage therapist myself, it has always been hard for me to receive until this class. I am grateful to have received Matthew's knowledge, compassion, and his overall gentle, kind and beautiful soul."

-Robin, Licensed Massage Therapist


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