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Courses & Workshops

The study of this ancient healing art is open to any life-long learner who is interested in taking better care of his or her body, mind, and spirit.

Matthew's students come from all walks of life - including artists, educators, factory workers, business leaders and health care professionals.

Licensed massage therapists seeking continuing education hours for professional development will receive NCBTMB-approved certificates of completion.

Matthew is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)
as a continuing education Approved Provider (#450352-07).

Dear prospective students,

After offering the 200-hour Practitioner Certification Program in a class teaching format from 2007 until 2010 in the United States, followed by several years of teaching workshops internationally, I am led now to share the wisdom of this ancient healing practice primarily through private Thai Therapy Practitioner training using the time-honored apprenticeship model of instruction.

All students will receive an integrated approach to learning this traditional therapy (mind, body, spirit & nature) which emphasizes the importance of self-care through enhanced breath awareness and gravity-based body mechanics - while also cultivating a capacity to sense and address energetic blockages within the body.

Students interested in pursuing private Thai Therapy Practitioner training may contact me via email at to schedule an initial interview.

Accumulated hours may be applied towards an NCBTMB-approved certificate of completion for one or more of the following courses:

Thai Yoga Therapy Essentials

This one-day 8-hour NCBTMB Approved Provider workshop gives Thai Yoga enthusiasts and would-be practitioners an introduction to this ancient healing art through hands-on, experiential learning; gives current Thai therapy practitioners an opportunity fine tune their skills through supervised practice; and gives former students of Thai therapy out of practice an opportunity to refresh their knowledge.

"Taste of Thai" Workshop

This two-day 15-hour NCBTMB Approved Provider workshop gives current therapists, Thai massage enthusiasts and would-be Thai therapy practitioners the essentials for practicing this ancient healing art through hands-on, experiential learning. Participating students will receive a solid foundation for understanding and applying the Thai principles that form the basis for this traditional form of manual therapy.

Thai Therapy Foundations - Beginner Level

This 30-hour NCBTMB Approved Provider course is the first in a series of therathai courses designed to give participants a deeper understanding of this ancient healing art. Students will receive a more thorough introduction to the theoretical knowledge base and practical applications involved in giving a traditional Thai massage session.

Thai Therapy Foundations - Intermediate Level

This 30-hour NCBTMB Approved Provider course will build upon the foundation formed in the Beginner Level course by integrating more dynamic Thai yoga stretches into the students existing knowledge of ancient Thai practices. Students taking this course will learn how to use traditional Thai movements and techniques in order to give a more comprehensive and therapeutic Thai massage session.

Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology

This 24-hour NCBTMB Approved Provider course is based on the Thai Foot Reflexology training that I received at the Wat Po Traditional Thai Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand. Students will learn how to give a traditional Thai foot reflexology treatment through an in-depth study of the Thai "Sen Line" acupressure points. Therapeutic applications using a traditional wooden reflexology stick and a unique oil-lotion mixture from Thailand will be demonstrated, discussed and practiced through hands-on experiential learning.

Students may also receive NCBTMB-approved hours for one or more of the three Advanced Level courses that are a part of
the 200-hour Practitioner Certification Program whenever such material is covered during private Thai Therapy instruction.


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