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Couples Thai Therapy

Traditional Thai therapy provides profound benefits of healing and growth within couple relationships. The unique aim of therathai Couples Thai Therapy is to create a safe and supportive learning environment where partners can experience both personal and
relational growth through the giving and receiving of this ancient healing art, thus,
providing a foundation for a more "conscious" relationship.

What is Couples Thai Therapy?

In essence, it is the physical application of lovingkindness - which is the giving and receiving of healthy touch
based on unconditional acceptance - free from judgment or agenda.

How is Couples Thai Therapy practiced?

Using the natural force of gravity and the breath awareness of each partner, a wordless form of communication
is shared, which creates a more supportive foundation for verbal communication to follow.

What are the unique benefits of Couples Thai Therapy?

The physical application of lovingkindness has universal benefits - on both individual and relational levels.

~Where there is unconditional acceptance - safety and security are present, also.

~Where there is space held without an agenda - a foundation of trust is established.

~Where there is a foundation of trust, insecurities are safely acknowledged and shared.

~Where there is non-judgmental listening and validating - fears are free to be expressed.

~Where there is transparency - trust can be restored.

~Where there is openness - forgiveness is fostered.

~Where there is vulnerability - a deeper sense of intimacy and connection can be cultivated.

~Where the "freedom to fail" exists - a relationship grows and is made perfect - through imperfection.

Words are a pretext.
It is the inner bond
that draws one person to another,
not words.


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